Google Me Trailer

Google Me (Official Trailer)

For everyone who has Google’d themselves, this movie is for you (hint: everyone has probably Google’d themselves at least once).  Office Space is one of my favorite movies and in it Michael Bolton proclaims that the famous singer is a “no talent clown” (he actually added another a word in there but this is a family oriented blog) ever since he became famous and stole his identity/name. Can you imagine having someone ultra famous with your exact same name?  Luckily I reserved years ago and Jeremy#2 below has (bet he hates me).  If you are a Jeremy Person, I want to talk to you.  It is so strange to think we have the same name. When I was in Portland over the weekend I was going through one of the “Street of Dreams” condos and one of the agents had his card on a desk with the name of “Ryan Person”.  I haven’t met another “Person” outside of my family so if you are a “Person”, contact me!


Check out these Jeremy Person’s (Note: pictures are clickable):

  1. jeremyPerson3


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