Some Fox Pics

Tyler, Wilbur, and I went for our regular walk this evening.  The nice thing about where I live is you can walk out in what some may call a “semi-country” area.  I usually try and bring my camera with me and today I was really happy I did, not to mention it was my new camera.  Usually I see some cows or some birds but today I was walking back by some vineyards and there were three foxes that crossed our path maybe 30-40 yards away.   They aren’t great shots but thanks to the great new zoom on my new camera I was able to zoom in pretty close where before you would have barely been able to see much.  On Wednesday night I saw what I thought was a raccoon in the church parking lot but it ended up being a fox and ironically on my walk this evening I was thinking I wish I had my camera with me that night and 10 minutes later I saw three foxes which was awesome.  I never realized how small foxes are, they aren’t much bigger than a chihuahua.

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