My Letter to 2009

Dear 2009,

You were so much better than 2008 and I didn’t expect for things to go from so bad to so good in only a year’s time.  I wrote to 2008 a little less than a year ago and I’m honestly struggling to write my letter this year.  It is odd but when you are going through tough times the words seem to flow easily but when things are going well it is much more difficult to write about life.  Instead I just want to share the good times and hope I accomplished that in the video below.

In 2008 and 2009 I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on my blog sharing my life, what I found interesting, my thoughts, and I hope you have enjoyed it thus far.  My first post was on 4/10/2008 which means I have had my blog for 619 days (1 year, 8 months, 10 days). That means I am averaging 1.7 posts per day.  I thought this year it would be fun to put together a video which takes you through the entire year instead of having to explain it all via writing.

My favorite quote for the year was from Robert Schuler who said “Tough times never last but tough people do.”  Note, you may want to start playing the video and let it buffer for a minute since it is enormous (43 minutes long).  Before you watch the video you should know that the girl in the blue dress was a painting in my hotel room in San Diego (creepie), and you are going to see lots of ice cream, coffee, Tyler, me, and Christina…so be warned! Thanks to everyone who helped get me through 2008 and turn things around in 2009.

I think this video came out pretty well and hope you enjoy it…

description=”2009 Year in Review”

One thought on “My Letter to 2009

  • Hey Jeremy, your video is awesome! This says a lot more than any letter that you could have written to 2009. And just a quick thank you for taking the time to blog. For your friends that are far away it is a great way to stay in touch. I hope 2010 brings you and your loved ones more of the same happiness!

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