Tyler’s Third Birthday

It was a very busy day today but overall I think Tyler really enjoyed his 3rd birthday.  Thanks to Christina for being the most kind person I’ve ever known and for helping to throw a great party for Tyler.  Thanks to my parents for joining the festivities with us on Skype this evening, miss you and love you.  I can certainly appreciate technology when it helps bring us closer even though we are far away.  Thanks to Christina’s parents for joining us and helping us celebrate, you are both fantastic and we love you.  Mike, Jenn, Evan, and Austin thanks for Tyler’s gifts and as you can see he clearly liked his recorder.  Finally, thanks to Lana for bringing cupcakes to Tyler’s daycare this afternoon and sorry I couldn’t make it but I was tied up in a meeting.  Being a single dad isn’t easy but thanks to everyone for helping to celebrate my favorite “Person” in the whole world.  It is always great to know even though things didn’t work out as planned, Tyler is able to feel very loved and I really appreciate those who care about him.

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