Napa 2010

Christina and I went to Napa for a date day about a month ago and I never got around to posting the pictures.  While we were there we went to the Culinary Institute for lunch and then we stopped off at Dean and Deluca’s.  The Culinary Institute was fun because it isn’t something you do every day and it is fun to watch the students cooking in the open kitchens.  Dean and Deluca’s was also fun because I’m a grocery geek and they take gourmet foods to a whole new level.  The only thing I could practically afford there was a soda so I decided to get the Cock and Bull which is probably the most manly soda money can buy.  It has a very strong ginger taste to it and I was barely man enough to drink it all.  😉  After Dean and Deluca’s we went to Mondavi and walked toured the winery grounds because when you are in Napa you just have to go to Mondavi right?

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