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I’m late in writing this review but Christina and I went to see The Social Network and I would give it a 7 out of 10.  Since I’m a geek the subject matter of the movie pertained to my interests and even then I think if you are a geek you may be offended by how geeks are portrayed in the movie.  If you don’t consider yourself a geek, you don’t like social networking, or if you are a woman, there is an even better chance you will not like the movie. All geeks aren’t out to screw everyone over as the movie depicts and I’ll leave it up to you to say how you feel woman were portrayed.  I may spoil it for you if you haven’t already seen the movie so you may want to avoid reading any further until you get a chance to watch it.  I’m obsessed with researching things I learn to make sure they are as accurate as possible so after watching the movie I wanted to do some Googling to find out more on how accurate the movie is to what really happened and who the main characters are from the movie.

Erica Albright

The movie but it starts out showing Mark Zuckerberg creating a website rating the attractiveness of female Harvard students after his girlfriend Erica Albright breaks up with him.  It wasn’t tough to find Erica who posted the picture above on her website to show her viewers what she really looks like.  She writes that she had her friend “Dave” help her create the site below.

As far as Erica’s response as to how accurate the movie is from her perspective she says:
“10/2/10 – I went and saw the movie last night. Kind of crazy that someone is actually playing me in a movie! The movie definitely brought back some great memories….it made me miss my college years that’s for sure! (I feel soooo old) lol (: — I guess you could say the movie is “based on a true story” but there are many scenarios that were soooo made up by Hollywood! As far as the two scenes I’m in, the first one is fairly accurate, we did “break-up” over dinner, I do remember him ripping on my school (that wasn’t the first time)…but the second scene of me at dinner with my friends blowing Mark off never happened. (also he NEVER friended me on Facebook) lol! (: ”

Sean Parker

Photograph by Jonas Fredwall Karlsson

Not that he is the best role model in the world but Sean Parker is someone I have read about for years with my favorite article being the October 2010 Vanity fair article titled “With a Little Help From His Friends”.  In the article Parker is described as a “Web oracle; more than a few acquaintances and colleagues use the word “genius” to describe him. He understands not only computers and Web networks but also how people want to incorporate them into their lives. As a result, he’s been stunningly successful. That said, he has a libertine side. Parker has a knack for missing deadlines and appointments, for disappearing for weeks on end, for avoiding the press. (His decision to cooperate with a Vanity Fair profile is unprecedented and rather out of character.) He was pushed out of Facebook after an arrest for cocaine possession in 2005. (No charges were filed.) Even among his many supporters, he has a reputation for being an erratic party animal.”

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Cameron and Tyler are identical twins of Harvard’s rowing team who meet Mark and want his help creating the Harvard Connection.  Soon after Mark starts to finish his “” site which after released the Winklevoss’s sue over claiming Mark stole the idea after hearing about what they were working on.  I can’t say I fully understand how the Winklevoss’s have a case because unless the idea was patented isn’t Mark able to create whatever he wants?  Below is an interview from The Today Show with Matt Lauer (I can’t stand them):

Winklevoss Twins - Facebook was our idea - Tyler & Cameron

Eduardo Saverin

Of all the “real world” characters of the movie, Eduwardo was the most difficult to find much on when researching them online.  Savern also gets the award for the worst way to be portrayed in a movie award because he comes across looking like a nice guy who finishes last but ironically he seems to be the only one with some ethics in the movie so to me he should be the one we all appreciate.  He once had 30% ownership in “thefacebook” which was reduced to .03% once Peter Theil (PayPal co-founder) and Sean Parker took control of the start-ups finances.

Mark Zuckerberg

It seems the reason Mark creates is to meet woman after his breakup.  Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend, Priscilla Chan (shown above) “was one of his pals at Harvard, where he studied back in 2004. Moreover, Chan is amongst the initial supporters who were with Mark when he came up with the concept of Facebook.  Chan even packed up and moved to Silicon Valley with Zuckerberg after the launch of Facebook. Priscilla Chan is a third year medical student at the University of California San Francisco with dreams of becoming a pediatrician. The New Yorker profile mentions their eventual plan to marry, though nothing concrete is revealed in the article.”  As for Mark’s thoughts on how accurate the movie is, he was recently asked in the interview below:

From Business Insider: Zuckerberg On The Social Network

Interesting facts about the movie:

  • Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind which is why Facebook is blue. OK, that isn’t about the movie but it is interesting.
  • Natalie Portman, a Harvard student during the time of Facebook’s creation, gave writer Aaron Sorkin some insider information about how things really happened on campus. Sorkin thanked her by referencing her in a scene.
  • The first scene, in which Zuckerberg’s girlfriend (played by Rooney Mara) breaks up with him, took 99 takes to finish.

0 thoughts on “The Social Network

  • Never been on there and don’t want to, why would people want obsess over an idiotic Internet website? You are the reason for young people to go on there and then get bullied and or killed by meeting an quote on quote “awesome” guy and then guess what? You cant find your child anywhere. Thanks allot mark.

  • Hmm. I found Saverin to be the least sympathetic of all the players. He didn’t seem to actually do anything at all to advance the company. Just seems like a weanie who deserved nothing more than 15k at best. I would have billed him for every second of time he cost me trying to get him to participate and billed him for the advertising. Oops weanie…there goes the 15k.

  • Great Updates on the players from the Social Network movie.I just finished watching it and wanted to see where and what they actually looked like. Well done Jeremy !

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