Alcatraz and My Birthday 2010

Mike and I went to the city yesterday for my birthday and we had lots of fun. When we got into the city via BART we encountered some unanticipated rain showers so we ducked into the Ferry Building for a bathroom break and some Blue Bottle Coffee. By the time we left the Ferry Building the rain had stopped and we made our way down to the pier where the Alcatraz tours depart. The boat ride over was mostly uneventful, it rained a little and was cold but the bay was calm. It was my third trip to Alcatraz but I really enjoyed seeing it again and it gave me another chance to get some more pictures which is always especially fun for me. We stayed on Alcatraz for a few hours and then headed to Scomas for some lunch.

We needed to be back for a party and to pick up Tyler later in the day so we headed out at 3pm. Mike had a great idea which was to take a petty cab to the BART station and it was a fun $15 ride. When I picked up Tyler from daycare he sung happy birthday to me and it was adorable. Come to think of it, lots of people sang to me and it is a strange tradition isn’t it? I still love it, especially when kids sing (my nephew Evan and sister Jennifer’s version was also quite lovely). Mike and I went to Christina’s parent’s house for dinner. ¬†We played some cards and then before I knew it my birthday was over. Time flies when you are having fun. ¬†Thanks to everyone for making me feel extra special yesterday.

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