My 2011 Resolutions

My 2011 resolutions this year aren’t going to be my typical resolutions.  Here are my 2009 and 2010 resolutions.  Not that I haven’t done this in years past but in 2011 I’m going to focus on continuing to just being happy.  If something doesn’t make someone happy chances are they won’t do it.  At work I create themes for each year and I think I said this year I want to focus on standardization but personally I want 2011 to be all about creating things to help the world where I can.

My Official 2011 List

  • Be happy.  How do I measure being happy to know if I achieve it?  I won’t, I’ll just be happy.
  • Have a healthier balance of giving and sharing of information.  Read more, get information if it isn’t given.  OK I won’t, I love sharing, but it is worth a try.
  • Continue my 2010 and 2009 resolutions but let’s get specific and more reasonable
    • 50 consecutive push-ups
    • Run at least a mile once a week
    • Create one new website
    • Add more self created videos on, I’m really enjoying doing that
    • Make my bed at least twice a week
    • Do the dishes 4 times a week
    • Work on one book
    • Christina and Jeremy date nights (like actually taking my Christina out) at least every other week
    • Mr. Tyler man don’t think I forgot about you.  This year we are going to work on some computer skills, language, and continue your (OK my) love of baseball.  Oh and we are going to play, play, play.

2010 Resolutions: How I Fared

  • By the end of the year be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups.
    • FAIL – Back in 2009 I was really angry and really had lots of motivation and lots of things to get out.  Back then I could get into the thirties.  Now I’m happy and can do about 15 and I’m actually OK with that.
  • Run a mile in under six minutes, thirty seconds.
    • FAIL – But Christina and I did finish our half marathon about 30 minutes faster this year than the last.
  • Create three new websites.
    • FAIL – But I did create and have several domains reserved
  • Make the bed every day.
    • FAIL – Epic fail, oh I hate making the bed every day and I haven’t.
  • Do the dishes every day.
    • FAIL – Epic fail, oh I hate doing dishes even more than making my bed so I really haven’t done the dishes every day.
  • Write three books (in draft form).
    • FAIL – I don’t think I worked on any.

Happy 2011 everyone!  Let’s make 2011 awesome…

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