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ART & COPY Trailer

I watched Art & Copy tonight on Netflix. If you get the chance, definitely check this one out.  It is an interesting look into the mind of advertisers.

According to their website the film:

“is a powerful new film about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray (SURFWISE, SCRATCH, HYPE!), it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time — people who’ve profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry. Exploding forth from advertising’s “creative revolution” of the 1960s, these artists and writers all brought a surprisingly rebellious spirit to their work in a business more often associated with mediocrity or manipulation: George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney and others featured in ART & COPY were responsible for “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Where’s the Beef?,” “Got Milk,” “Think Different,” and brilliant campaigns for everything from cars to presidents. They managed to grab the attention of millions and truly move them. Visually interwoven with their stories, TV satellites are launched, billboards are erected, and the social and cultural impact of their ads are brought to light in this dynamic exploration of art, commerce, and human emotion.”

The facts presented from the documentary:

  • The global advertising business will exceed $544 billion by 2010
  • 44% of all satellites launched are for commercial communications
  • 75% of global satellite services revenue comes from television
  • 70% of U.S. TV broadcasting revenue comes from ads
  • In the 1970s, the average city dweller received about 1,000 advertising messages every day. Today it is closer to 5,000
  • There are roughly, 450,000 billboards across the U.S
  • $7 billion is spent on billboard advertising a year
  • The average household watches 8 hours of TV a day
  • There are 1353 HDTV satellite channels around the world today. This number will grow 350% by 2013
  • 565 satellite delivered TV networks in the US
  • 75% of U.S. homes have 3 or more TVs
  • Food companies spent $32 billion on advertising last year
  • Car companies spent more than $15 billion
  • Political advertising spent more than 2.6 billion in 2008
  • Last year Time Warner sold $8.8 billion worth of advertising
  • A 30-second ad on American Idol costs $750,000
  • Michael Jordan’s value to Nike has been estimated at $5.2 billion
  • A 30 second ad during the Super Bowl costs $2.7 million
  • Each year the average child sees 200,000 advertisements
  • Americans see 61 minutes of ads each day on the Internet, TV, and mobile screens
  • 65% of Americans believe they are “constantly bombarded with too much” advertising

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