Maui For The Day

We landed on Maui around 9am and I got talked into getting a Jeep by the car rental agent.  Normally you can’t talk me into anything that isn’t already in my mind too easily so I was either really wanting the Jeep anyway, the agent was good, or all of the above.  Truth be told I think it was that it was only $10 more for the day.  It was one of the best things I’ve done in some time, it was really fun to drive and I really enjoyed it.  It was fun to know wherever we were I could get out of a sticky…or sandy situation.  We put the Jeep to quick work by going up the north end of the island on a very windy and remote road which was really fun to drive.  We took part of the top off so we could enjoy the weather and every few minutes I stopped to take some pictures.

We stopped at the very north end and took some pictures and then got some lunch and went swimming for a while.  We stayed at a nice (but affordable) place and the concierge helped get us a champagne catamaran cruise that evening.  Once we got off the ship we took a quick walk on the beach.  The whole day was amazing, one of my favorites.  I think at one point on the cruise as the sun was starting to set I said it was one of my top 10 favorite days which is really saying something.  We’ll definitely be back to Maui again some day.

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