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Growing up, I didn’t get a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) until I was in Middle School, and when I did, I was instantly addicted.  I remember having to wear bandages on my thumbs because I played it so much. Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Contra, Tetris, and a few others were some of my favorites.  I have many passions, and the tough part about being a passionate person is you can’t pursue every passion.  When I was little like most boys I saw a garbage truck, I was amazed by it, and I think being a garbage man was the first profession I remember wanting to pursue.

For a while, I fell in love with planes and wanted to be a pilot until I came to the stupidly obvious realization that if I didn’t like roller coasters, I probably wouldn’t like flying a plane.  After being in a small plane a few weeks ago, I think being in control of something and being out of control are two different things, but being afraid of being out of control directed me away from pursuing becoming a pilot.  I love ice cream and when I was in college I started out as a Small Business Major because I wanted to create my own ice cream business.  My senior year of High School, I fell madly in love with computers, but I fall madly in love with all my passions.  Upon graduating, my parents bought me a computer and from that point on I consumed every computer book imaginable.  After a few years of pursuing a small business management degree I realized my love for computers was even stronger than that of ice cream, which is really saying something, so I changed to computer science.  I started going down a path of trying to become a video game developer, but life ended up taking me in another direction.  Not a bad direction, it has been a very good direction, but that is the thing about life, it has many directions.

So with all that said, when I saw the Indie Game Movie trailer back in July, I couldn’t wait to see the full movie.  On June 12, the movie was released, and I bought it that same day.  If you are a geek, you like video games, and you want to see a beautiful documentary, you must see the film.  Head over to and download your DRM free version (1080p, 720p, clean version, team meat commentary version) or you can stream it directly from the site for $9.99.  The trailer was great, so I had high expectations for the film, but I have to say it really exceeded my expectations.  There is definitely some strong language in the film, so if that bothers you, I would recommend you watch the clean version.  I talk about passion a lot, and the people making these indie games put so much time and effort into them that it really impressed me.  You get to see their trials and tribulations, as well as their wins.  It is a beautiful movie and I hope you get the chance to see it.  Let me know what you think if you do get the chance to watch it in the comments.

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