Who Would Want to be Normal?

Last week, I was talking with some coworkers about a 2013 initiative we are taking on.  I forget how I got on the subject, but it was something to the effect of me being tired of doing things the way they have always been done, which made me think of a recent Mini Cooper YouTube video I had seen.  I showed it to the group, who seemed to like it, and I’ve since used it in other meetings before brainstorming new ideas or initiatives.  For a while, it sort of spawned a new catchphrase where we say things around the office like “eh…that is so normal.”

My favorite part of the video is when it says, “normal can never be amazing” and “who would ever want to be normal?”  As you go about your work, if you feel passionate about what you are working on, chances are that work won’t be normal, it will be amazing.  Every time I see a Mini, I now think of the video (so probably great marketing to BMW’s credit).  If you walk down the hall, people will see you and likely think about what you have done for them.  Will those people think your work is amazing?

Here’s to you doing amazing work…

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