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Voodoo Curse

Someone sent me a curse today via  Interesting they didn’t go for vitals.  I would have gone for vitals.  I like my glasses!  ;)  To my voodoo secret admirer: let’s get coffee.  Life is too short.

Enounter With A Snake

OK it probably wasn’t deadly but we saw this on our walk tonight and luckily Christina had her iPhone on her. I’m not a huge snake fan, AKA, yeah I’m scared of them so I got as close as I felt comfortable…AKA…I got close enough that if it charged me I could run like crazy away from it safely. Risking my life for your blogging enjoyment people, that’s what I’m here for.

Killing Uncle Mike

When Uncle Mike comes to visit he is reminded Jeremy doesn’t sleep (much).  12:30am to 6am and Mike is feeling the pain.  Nothing a little wake up juice can’t fix.  Oh and as you can see Tyler LOVES his Uncle Mike (Wilbur the dog too)…


When I was in San Francisco a few days ago I saw a Tesla “in the wild”. The owner came over and asked if I wanted to take it for a spin and oh wait yeah that part was a dream…hate when that happens.