Celebrity Apprentice Wall Color & Rambo

So here is a completely random and odd blog post for you.  I was watching Celebrity Apprentice tonight and I liked the wall color of the apartment in the picture above.  Yes, I’m actually blogging about this, I was watching TV, paused it, took a picture of the TV, and am now blogging about it…yes I’m strange.  I have traditionally gravitated toward earth tones for my wall colors and most recently had an entire house in wise owl which I thought was actually quite nice and somewhat manly.  I also like the color tones of what Starbucks uses in its stores, I’m just saying.

However, if done right the orange and yellow in the picture above is very nice for smaller spaces to help brighten it up.  In my old age of 32 I’m tired of boring colors, I deal with conservative colors all day and when I come home I don’t want my house to be conservative.  OK true, if it was actually on my walls I may feel completely different and men of the world I know you won’t touch this post with a ten foot pole but does anyone agree or disagree? I keep writing stuff like this and you keep coming back so who’s more crazy me…or you?

OK now its time for some football, some boxing, go shoot some guns, climb over some rusty barbed wire, go build a house…or fix a toilet…clean some fish (I did work in a seafood market for 2 years)…kill a deadly spider…pick a scab…watch Rambo or Terminator…grunt for no reason…you know the stereotypical manly stuff…haha I’m crazy!

PS – I thought I’d leave you with 25 stereotypical skills every man should know courtesy of Popular Mechanics:

1. Patch a radiator hose (um no)
2. Protect your computer (of course)
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized (I swim like a fish)
4. Frame a wall (I think so)
5. Retouch digital photos (oh yeah)
6. Back up a trailer (yeah)
7. Build a campfire (oh yeah)
8. Fix a dead outlet (if I had to…sure)
9. Navigate with a map and compass (why not GPS?)
10. Use a torque wrench (sure)
11. Sharpen a knife (I just buy new ones)
12. Perform CPR (I did take a class in middle school)
13. Fillet a fish (2 years experience thank you)
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid (yes…I mean no mom and dad…no)
15. Get a car unstuck (yes…I mean no mom and dad…no)
16. Back up data (of course)
17. Paint a room (of course)
18. Mix concrete (yes)
19. Clean a bolt-action rifle (huh)
20. Change oil and filter (nope)
21. Hook up an HDTV (definitely)
22. Bleed brakes (I don’t like blood)
23. Paddle a canoe (yes)
24. Fix a bike flat (yes)
25. Extend your wireless network (oh yeah)

And did I mention…RAMBO??????  OK I think we are now balanced out…wall color and RAMBO!!!

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