Tony Robbins: Smart Marriage Conference

Tony Robbins Smart Marriage Conference

I follow Tony Robbins on Twitter who “tweeted” a link to this video today which I enjoyed and wanted to share.  Below are my notes from the video:

  • Tony Robbins has been obsessed with the question of what makes the difference in people’s lives. Why is it that some people who have everything yet spend most of their life going into and out of rehab? Then you meet someone who has been abused or nobody has been there for them and they turn out to be some of the finest human beings out there.
  • The challenge in life is emotional fitness. It starts with how emotionally fit you are in a relationship. There are patterns which make people emotionally unfit, there are patterns to make people depressed, angry, feel sorry for themselves, or sad.
  • Most of the patterns are common sense but as we all know common sense isn’t always so common. A lot of people say “oh I know this stuff” but if you’re not doing it, you know it, you understand it.
  • Discipline never works long term, what works is when you become addicted to something new you trade one addition for another. You shift from having to do something, to wanting to do something.
  • If you want to change your relationship, the number one thing you have to do is mask your own emotions. You have to learn emotional leadership, emotional management. Don’t fake your emotions, don’t push them down. Life is about being truthful to yourself.
  • People get scared when a relationship doesn’t work out and then they make it worse than it is so they don’t have to try. They don’t want to try again and be disappointed so most people make it worse than it is.
  • See the relationship better than it is. The Bible says people without a vision perish (Proverbs 29:18). If a relationship doesn’t have a vision, that relationship is also setup to perish.

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