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Star Wars Exhibit at the Tech Museum of Innovation

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Monterey 2013

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I got behind on my blogging. This is from about a month ago when Christina and I got out of town to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. The second day we spent the day in Carmel.


On my last trip to Portland I found this at these at the Powell’s Technical Book Store.

Smitten Ice Cream San Francisco

Went to Smitten this afternoon after a year or more of wanting to go there. Below is the story from their website.

“It all began with a Radio Flyer wagon, an innovative hand-welded machine, and an abiding love for ice cream….

In the pursuit of creating better ice cream, Robyn Sue Fisher spent five years developing a one-of-a-kind ice cream machine, now named “Brrr.” Brrr’s uniqueness stems from its ability to make the smoothest, tastiest ice cream from scratch in 60 seconds. How? Brrr runs on liquid nitrogen.

Smitten Ice Cream was born in late 2009 when Robyn Sue hit the streets of San Francisco with an apron and a dream, pulling Brrr atop a souped-up Radio Flyer wagon (complete with off-road wheels and a homemade battery pack).  Since then, Robyn Sue has teamed up with pastry chef Robyn Lyn Lenzi. They’re united by the Smitten mission: to make each and every truly decadent scoop to order, using only the freshest, purest, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. One minute, it’s milk, cream, sugar, and caramelized peaches; the next minute, it’s the smoothest, most flavorful peach ice cream you can imagine.

Over its first year, Smitten’s artisan ice cream and magic captivated foodie audiences at Bay Area festivals, corporate shindigs, and high-end events—garnering rave reviews and delighted bellies everywhere they went. Now, Smitten has parked its wagon in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley and transformed a recycled shipping container into an ice cream shop like you’ve never seen before.

Your favorite dessert just got better.  Prepare to be smitten.”