Kevin Rose’s Desktop (from Revision3 Forums)


  • Chris Howard
  • Daniel Burka
  • Tim Ellis
  • Steve Williams
  • Brian Link
  • Matt Von More
  • Bob Buch
  • ?
  • Natalie Villalobos
  • John Quinn
  • Joe Stump
  • Steve French
  • Beth Murphy
  • Sarah Lane
  • Melody
  • David Prager
  • Liz
  • Mike Malone
  • Ariel Waldman


  • 110.09 GB available on his hard disc
  • It was Monday at 9:29 PM
  • He uses both Firefox and Safari
  • Spore Creature Creator, Zune and Amazon Software are in the Dock
  • Twitterrific in the menu bar
  • He didn’t empty the Trash
  • The desktop wallpaper is Aurora

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