So I Got an iPhone


My AT&T contract was finally up so I went to Best Buy yesterday and got one.  Obviously I am still learning things but I can already tell it is going to change how I live and use technology.  For instance I was going somewhere last night I hadn’t been to before so I printed out the address of the place so I could GPS it in my car.  Well that works if you remember to take it with you as you are leaving which I didn’t.  So as I realized I didn’t have it so I stopped for gas, got my iPhone out and Googled it.  I am a huge open source advocate so I know I’m going to take some heat over not buying an Android OS phone but I don’t think it is ready for prime time yet and the iPhone is.  I just got Twitterific installed so there is no stopping me now.  Obviously more reviews and feedback to come as I learn more.

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