Web 2.0 & Privacy: Gary Vaynerchuck’s View

Gary, I completely agree with you.  If you are a good person you have nothing to worry about with new technologies and if you have things you want to hide, good luck because you won’t be able to hide it for long.  Technology has helped me learn things about people I didn’t want to learn, find old friends, connect with others, and research people before I met them.  I have a very different outlook on privacy and “openess” than most people though.  I am really, really open and don’t have anything I won’t talk about but I know others are not that way and I have no problem with it.  So far I don’t think anyone or anything has “invaded” my privacy.  For instance I know a lot of people were up in arms about Google Street view.  If you are not familiar with Google Street View it is basically a car with a camera that drives down streets and takes 360 degree images of everything.  So if you go to Google Maps you can type in the address of your home and you may have a Google Street view of your entire street/community which I thought was cool.  It helped that I had just mowed my lawn and had the house looking really nice though.  🙂  So has technology invaded your privacy yet or what are your thoughts?

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