House of the Future at Disneyland: Microsoft Surface Dinner Table

House of the Future Disneyland

There isn’t a vacation I take where I can’t sneak at least a little tech in.  Last week was Disneyland where they were doing demos of the Microsoft Surface.  Not super useful yet but you can see where the technology is headed which looks very promising.  Very fun to play with as you can tell and even Tyler had some fun with it.


OK just got done DJ’ing on Turntable.FM.  They weren’t feeling the Sammy Hagar, that got killed right away but my second and third songs killed.  😉  Turntable.FM is crazy addicting and scary at the same time.  DJ’d with @Sacca, a very famous VC and investor (most famous for investing in Twitter).  Interesting conversations in the chat room tonight while we were DJ’ing.  Oh and people have no clue what Ubuntu is when they see my computer. Technology is changing the world…love it…fun stuff.

Jeremy Person started playing “Why Can’t This Be Love (Live In St. Louis)” by Sammy Hagar
@Sacca: Hey Jeremy, Eddie Van Halen once came into my record store…
Jeremy Person: Yeah big fan
@Sacca: And when he went over to the Van Halen section, he saw the Sammy Hagar solo album
@Sacca: And he grabbed it and whipped it across the store
@Sacca: smashing the case in the process. 🙂
Jeremy Person: Haha, no…
@Sacca: true story. 2000 in park city, utah

Jeremy Person: And then he just walked out?

@Sacca: Adam! Click on the fifth turntable
@bennybaltrotsky: come join adam

@Sacca: Sweet sweet tune.

@bennybaltrotsky: lulzec how is chrome os?
lulzec: its all good

@Sacca: @jeremy @lulz the theme of this room is music we’ve discovered from other folks in TT

Jeremy Person: Apple, Windows, Ubuntu, and Google. Interesting.
@bennybaltrotsky: we have a diverse group
@bennybaltrotsky: where is everyone?
Jeremy Person started playing “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1” by The Flaming Lips
Jeremy Person: With @Sacca in here it should be jumping…
@Sacca: We are laying low. Music for the sake of music. Underground.
George Dy: The ONLY way to roll.
Jeremy Person: George, come grab a turntable…
@bennybaltrotsky: why are you in the back
@bennybaltrotsky: 1 spot open
George Dy: Enjoying the beats.
@bennybaltrotsky: nice!
Jeremy Person: Hey George…yeah!
sc0tt: chris?
lulzec started playing “I got cha open (remix)” by Black moon
sc0tt: it’s swb1192 from twitter 🙂

@Sacca: Tis me

sc0tt: hey, totally random and not the place, but i have a startup that needs funding. you open? 🙂
lulzec: love it
lulzec: love the hustle sc0tt
sc0tt: haha oh yeah
@bennybaltrotsky: what up lance
@Sacca: @scott Ha. There isn’t any place that is the wrong place.
Jeremy Person: @Sacca, you’re awesome…good answer.
lulzec: if you play a good track, sacca funds you
@Sacca: But, I am taking a break from new early stage deals while I focus on the stuff in my portfolio.
@Sacca: Trying to not spread too thin.
sc0tt: understood. have any connections with someone who might be interested? it “only” needs 100k
@Sacca: @lance You wanted to change into something more comfortable?
@Sacca: @sc0tt Try Angelist. It seems to be helping a lot of founders

@Sacca: It kind of democratizes the fundraising process

George Dy started playing “Hot Like Sauce” by Pretty Lights
sc0tt: i see it now.
sc0tt: your thoughts on tech bubble? 🙂
@bennybaltrotsky: all the questions
DJ QFunk @quinnwageman: lol
DJ QFunk @quinnwageman: angellist, nice
@bennybaltrotsky: @sacca is god real
George Dy: That’s right, bob your head.
@Sacca: The bubble: its a tough time to be an investor, a great time to be building a company
@Sacca: But legitimately cool **** is getting built these days. Case in point: @turntablefm
George Dy: Definitely got that right, I’m assuming its risky in your shoes @Sacca.
sc0tt: ah. tough to weed out who’s legit and who is suckish
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp): @scott you should also try ohours too
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp):
sc0tt: i don’t get how turntable makes money
@Sacca: The users do that for you.
DJ QFunk @quinnwageman: they dont yet
sc0tt: thought so.
@bennybaltrotsky: lance im going to play one i got from you on TT
sc0tt: i’m a college kid working with a 35 yr old coder. he needs to feed his family, i just want to get the site up and running
George Dy: what do you do?
sc0tt: the site we’re working on?
George Dy: no, you yourself, how do you contribute?
sc0tt: oh right. more on the operational side, as in how it’s going to work and what the product should actually do.
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp): which one?
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp): lance dashau5
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp): im changing my name to that
George Dy: who’s doing the design/ui/ux?
sc0tt: working with a designer
sc0tt: he made the shamrock milk designs with the cows :b
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp): weird fact: pretty lights guy is 6’9
sc0tt: i had a different designer before,
sc0tt: but i sent her black and white mockups to work off of and she said “if you can design, what do you need me for”
Cave Johnson: Saw Pretty Lights playing, had to stop in

Jeremy Person started playing “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” by Geto Boys

@bennybaltrotsky: 🙂
DJ QFunk @quinnwageman: hah
@bennybaltrotsky: when i hear this song i want to beat up a fax machine
Jeremy Person: Haha, I know right?!?!
@bennybaltrotsky: or printer
@bennybaltrotsky: sho4sho
@bennybaltrotsky: it is the 1 and only sho4sho
@Sacca: It all seems to come down to old school hip hop.
@getcontactinfo started playing “Mattress” by Atmosphere
Sho4Sho: does the ginger in the middle using a lost themeed computer
Jeremy Person: Ubuntu all day long
Sho4Sho: whats that
Lance Dashoff (@loudieapp):
Jeremy Person: @Sacca keep changing the world. Gotta hit the hay. Take it easy everyone…
DJ QFunk @quinnwageman started playing “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (Full Vocal Mix Explicit)” by WTF?
@Sacca: Later bro.