A Word To The Wise (Email I Received)


  •  “Whoever guards his mouth, and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.”  (Proverbs Chapter 21 Verse 23)
  • This bit of verse by an unknown writer says it well:  “The boneless tongue, so small and weak, can crush and kill,” declared the Greek.
  • The Persian proverb wisely saith, “A lengthy tongue, an early death.”
  • Sometimes it takes this form instead:  “Don’t let your tongue cut off your head.”
  • While Arab sages this impart:  “The tongue’s great storehouse is the heart.”
  • From Hebrew wit, the Maxim’s sprung:  Though feet should slip, don’t let the tongue.”
  • A verse from Scripture crowns the whole:  “Who keeps the tongue doth keep his/her soul.”

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