Life Is Like A TiVo

There is a saying that life emulates art, but being a self-proclaimed geek and knowing next to nothing about art, my life has always seemed to emulate technology.  Have you ever stopped and thought about how great it would be to have a TiVo for your life?  Do you buy cable TV and get all that life has to offer, or are you satisfied with what life gives you over the airwaves?  If you have a TiVo would you fast-forward ahead to see what happens, or would you wait patiently through the commercials of life?  Would you maybe rewind and do something over again?  Maybe something in life is going really well, and you want it to last, so you put life into slow motion.  Perhaps something is not going well and you want it to stop.  Then there are times in life where you say you know what, I think this show looks good, I think I’ll hit play and give it a shot.  Sometimes life goes too fast, and you want to hit the pause button to get caught up on other things or do something else.  Do you listen to TiVo’s recommendations or decide what is right for your own life?  At the end of the day, our TiVo can only hold so many hours, so make the most of it, as hard drives don’t last forever and neither do our lives.  Get busy living or get busy dying, but promise me you’ll TiVo it for me, so I can see what happens.  🙂

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