Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, MN

I take my camera to as many places as I can so when I was in Minneapolis, MN a while back I filmed a flour mill tour at the Mill City Museum. Minneapolis is called the “Mill City” and has lots of old mills that sit along the Mississippi River.  This video isn’t going to win any awards but the museum did such a great job depicting the life of an average mill worker I wanted to share it with you. The elevator seats approximately 40 people and while we were getting in it people joked it was like getting into the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.  The elevator takes you to different floors and shows you how flour was milled and how dangerous it was.  I learned that flour dust is more explosive than gun powder so it was really dangerous work and many people died.  The mill blew up and caught fire until it was later turned into a museum.  It is one of the best museums I have been to and if you think about it they had a tough time trying to make milling flour interesting.  Hope you enjoy it.

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