Nugget Woman vs. McDonalds Drive-Thru Manager

Nugget Woman vs. McDonalds Drive-Thru Manager-Epic Cat Fight Rampage

“Some people take their food seriously – but no one more than one customer at a fast-food outlet in Toledo, Ohio.  On 1 January 2010, Melodi Dushane was so frustrated that she couldn’t order chicken nuggets – because the restaurant was serving breakfast – that she attacked the member of staff.  In a surveillance video, which has just been released by police, Dushane, 25, gets out of her car and appears to hit the drive-through employee in the mouth.  Seconds later she smashes the window before driving off.  Local media reported that Dushane was sentenced to 60 days in prison and three years probation.  She also was ordered to pay McDonald’s more than $1,500 dollars for the damage to the window.” – Source:

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