UFC 100

UFC 100: We're Just Getting Started

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 100 is this weekend and it looks to be a great lineup of fighters.  I’ve seen every UFC fight and was hooked from the time I discovered the videos at Best Buy about 8 years ago.  This YouTube video produced by the UFC is a nice compilation of how the sport has evolved from its humble beginnings.

Tank Abbott

I wanted to name my son “Tank” after my favorite UFC fighter Tank Abbott but that didn’t last too long so I like to call my little lap dog Tank for fun.  Tank didn’t exactly come to the octagon in shape for his fights and called his fighting style “street fighting”.  The funny thing is Tank has lost more fights than he has won but man is he fun to watch.  You would get these athletes who were world class in their sport and he would occasionally dominate them and I don’t think his fights (win or lose) ever went past the first round.  For UFC 100 I’m routing for Brock Lesner, how about you?

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