Portland Trip 2010 Days 1 and 2

Tyler and I made it to Portland for another Person Family Christmas.  Our flight was delayed a little but Tyler was really excited to fly in an airplane again and was in an especially good mood.  Yesterday we went to Best Buy to get a new phone as a belated birthday gift (really nice huh).  I have been researching new phones for the past few months and as of yesterday I had it narrowed down to the Droid X and the Nexus S.  I first decided on the Nexus S but upon going to the local Best Buy here in Oregon, they had already sold out.  We called around to other Best Buy stores in the area and they either didn’t let you buy the phone without the contract (for $599) or they wouldn’t answer their phone.  The big disadvantage with the Nexus S is it only works well on T-Mobile and I wanted to move to Verizon.

We had some lunch and I decided to go with my second favorite phone, the Droid X.  AT&T, I won’t miss you and I’ve heard fantastic things about Verizon so we’ll see how things go.  I’ll have a full review of the Droid X as I have more time to play with it but so far I’m absolutely loving it.

This morning we went to Breakfast at Gravy a really funky and awesome breakfast spot in Portland.  I had a Greco Omelet and it was really good but my only feedback to them would be there were too many sun-dried tomatoes which overpowered the dish.  It was also a little salty but man did it photograph well.  Speaking of photographs, check out the quality of the pictures the Droid X takes!  I love the phone, love it.

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