TWIT Brick House

Christina, Tyler and I decided to get away for the day and head over to Point Reyes.  On the way there we saw a sign for Petaluma which was only 10 miles in the opposite direction of Point Reyes so I said “Hey Leo lives in Petaluma, we should have lunch and go see if we can find his studio”.  So I literally turned the car around as we were driving toward Point Reyes.  The drive over to Petaluma was absolutely beautiful.

When I was in high school I started watching The Screen Savers on TechTV and I can honestly credit that show for getting me hooked on computers.  Leo, Patrick, Kevin, Sarah, and many others were literally my computer teachers each evening on TV.  I knew next to nothing about computers, I always loved technology growing up though.  In Middle School I had a science teacher (Mr. Savage…awesome name right?) who offered a course in Ham Radio.  He told the class that if anyone got their license they automatically got an A in the course so I learned Morse Code and passed the test (after 3 tries at age 13…the test definitely isn’t easy for those starting out in technology).

We parked the car after fighting lots of traffic and I looked to check into Foursquare.  We were planning on catching lunch and I didn’t want to drag Christina and Tyler all over town to find Leo’s place but to my surprise the new studio was only 300 feet from the parking garage.  So we headed over and peeked my head in the window.  I saw Leo broadcasting and Christina saw on the front door some times it is open to the public so we popped in really quick and snapped a few souvenir pictures in the lobby.  I ventured toward the back to see if anything was going on but was too shy to go much further than that.  Heading back down the street I poked my head in front of the window again and this time Leo saw me from his studio and gave Christina, Tyler and I a big smile and wave which made my year.  Thanks to Christina for letting us going on a quick tech adventure during our date day.  Everywhere I go I tend to find us something techy to do!  😉 Leo, keep on rocking it!  Beautiful studio, thanks for keeping it accessible to the public…

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