SF Nike Women’s Marathon


We went to the city last night to pick up our marathon gear.  I carried a pink (OK it has some red tones to it) bag which had “Run Like a Girl” through the city and BART.  Even though it was a pink bag I felt so athletic.  I mean I’m sure people looked at me and said “obviously he is an athlete ready to run a marathon”…I could see them saying that…I could.  Not to mention I posed in front of a women’s marathon race tent (yes this is me posing).  Even though we are walking the marathon I have a feeling I’m still going to be feeling it Monday morning.  The “race” starts at 7am tomorrow so I’m readying myself by blogging and drinking coffee this morning.  Game on marathon…game on.

One thought on “SF Nike Women’s Marathon

  • How’d it go? It was a great event and I’m glad to be done! I will DEFINITELY be feeling the effects tomorrow.
    Safeway had a great presence throughout the entire expo and race course and it was a good opportunity for us to get out there and represent!

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