Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote @ RE/MAX Annual Convention 2011

Keynote @ RE/MAX Annual Convention 2011

My Notes:

  • Learned to speak English through Scooby Doo and Price is Right
  • Learned why Gary became a Jets Fan
  • When you are 12 and you have 10k under your bed and you are not selling weed, you are doing a good job.
  • Set up a lemonade stand, collected/sold baseball cards, and then it clicked that collecting wine and being an expert in it was his next ticket.
  • ’98-’05 Grew from a 4 to a 45 million dollar business
  • The Thank You Economy is about listening.  Start listening and don’t do so much talking.
  • People used to spend millions of dollars doing focus groups.  Now people are doing it for free and it isn’t biased (not in a focus group room etc).
  • You don’t go back to what hurt you (Charlie Sheen > more cocaine).
  • We just lived through the big box era, we are going to an era where people go to where there is a relationship.

What did I miss?  What do you think?

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