From the video:
“The color helps us to accept diversity and understand that we are all different. We live in America and Randy just sets that tone. Randy just sort of gave us that opportunity to be your own self.”

From PopCityMedia.com:
“North Side resident Randy Gilson spent 25 years revitalizing a section of the North Side with bold colors and designs, art and more. Randyland is now a landmark, an act of love for the community and a statement on what one person can do.”

0 thoughts on “Randyland

  • Randy is a friend of mine, and I am so very proud to know him. I have visited Randyland as a friend and have enjoyed his services as a waiter. He is unique beyond words.

    Congratulations, Randy.


  • Randy is like a transfusion of good blood. I’ve known him almost 10 years and been so inspired by his enthusiastic approach to life & gardening. He has opened his home & gardens to tours from our garden groups & neighborhood tours & helped much more than plants to grow here. His neighbors are blessed to have him. Stay colorful, Randy…the world needs you! Love ya! Lynn

  • Barbara Irvin says:

    I just learned about Randyland from a friend in Colorado who saw this story on the Today show. I can’t believe I didn’t know about Randy as I live only a few miles away! What a tribute to a great guy- and to this great city! I plan to get to the Westin soon and do my part to expand his incredible project…..

  • Debbie Gillette says:

    If anyone sees Randy, please tell him his cousin is very proud of him. I live in Florida, so I don’t get to see him, but I love him and am so proud of his accomplishments. Thanks for passing this on.

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