Jungle Jims International Market

Snap Shot: Jungle Jims

Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, OH is one crazy grocery store.  The Travel Channel didn’t have the clip on their website (FAIL) and even YouTube didn’t have it, so I recorded it with my camera (yes I am a grocery geek).  Sounds like it is quite the place!  Jungle Jim clearly understands marketing!

How big is Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield?
The market is over six acres and expanding.

Jungle Jim’s imports food from how many countries?
Over 75 different countries.

How many imported grocery items does Jungle Jim’s offer?
More than 50,000

How many customers does Jungle Jim’s serve in a week?
More than 50,000 from the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond.

How many brands of beers and micro-brews are available at Jungle Jim’s?
About 1,200 different brews.

How many people does Jungle Jim’s employ?
The market has grown from a produce stand operated by Jim Bonaminio to more than 350 employees.

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