Def Leppard: Ziggy Stardust

My favorite band ever. My parents wouldn’t let me buy the tape because of the band’s name (and yes I’m that old…when there were cassette tapes…no MP3s…no streaming). Since I couldn’t buy it I went across the street and listened to it at my best friend Rob’s house. I was such a rebel. Oh and yes we listened to Poison too, I still love me some Poison. Hi Mom…you’re the best. When I bought the CD after “growing up” and was able to listen to whatever I wanted and I literally played it so many times it stopped working. Every night after getting off work I would drive home with that CD in. Oh and I had a Ford Probe as my second car. Unfortunate name for a car but I upgraded the speakers, put in a killer amp, and oh it was just amazing. I sometimes miss that car.

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