Life Lesson #1: People Don’t Like Things That Are Different

Tyler's "cool" hair (at least Dad thinks so)

It has been raining for a few days here in the Bay Area.  This morning I took my son to his daycare all bundled up in a rain jacket and beanie.  We’ve both been fighting a cold and he has had it much worse off than myself since he doesn’t know how to blow his nose which must sure be uncomfortable for him.  This is the joy that is fatherhood let me tell you.  I took a day off on Thursday and worked from home on Friday and am now feeling much better.  Tyler still has a bit of a cold but is getting progressively better each day.  Anyway, when we arrived at daycare this morning I got him all signed in and walked him to his classroom.

He likes to hold my hand as we walk down the hall which I think is cute.  I open the door which signals a doorbell and all of the kids in the room turn to see us.  I smile at them as they are all sitting down at their table eating Rice Krispies for breakfast.  I take Tyler’s jacket off and hang it up on the coat rack.  I next take the beanie off and about 5 seconds later hear the only girl in the room take a break from chowing down on her Rice Krispies to announce to the others at the breakfast table to “look at that kids crazy hair!”  Immediately all of the other kids turn and look to see Tyler’s hair all poofed up from the static electricity and start laughing which makes Tyler turn to them and start laughing not understanding what is happening.  The kid clearly does need a haircut but he kind of has a punk rock thing going on so I just don’t think the kids know how cool he is yet.  I take Tyler by his hand and march him to the table and sit him down next to the girl and say “sneeze all over her Rice Krispies buddy…and have a good day…daddy loves you”.

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