JCPenney Headquarters

JCPenney’s headquarters is amazing!  Here are some pictures and a fun video of the JCPenney headquarters. The building is 1,930,000 sq. ft and is home to 4,000 employees and sits on 429 acres.  Don’t miss the robotic mail carts video down in their basement. Those robots are awesome and I must have one!

0 thoughts on “JCPenney Headquarters

  • JC Penny had been my favorite source of clothing for years. I will have to find another place to shop until that disgusting obnoxious commercial is taken off the air. If the prices are truly lower we can live without sales and we will certainly live more comfortably without that stupid commercial. Whatever agency developed that monstrosity should befired.

  • I believe JCPenney stock will continue to go down – Why? Because you chose Ellen DeGenerets to be a spokesman. Apple pie American does not like that even if she is
    nice and/or cute?
    Get someone else for my business please.

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