How Not To Cheat Your Way Through College

UCF Professor Richard Quinn accuses class of cheating [Original]

I first watched the video and admired how the professor handled the situation.  However, after watching the video I read some of the comments and discovered some things I hadn’t thought about.  Why would a college professor (or any teacher) use a standard test?  I had no idea professors (and students) could buy standard tests online, did you?  I tried Googling it after watching the video and was surprised to see how many results there were.  Why wouldn’t a professor with an advanced degree create his/her own test?  I could understand an elementary teacher but not a standard test for a college course.  The professor seems to put all the blame on the students but shouldn’t the university also focus on why the professor didn’t create his own test?

If there is a 700 question standard test available and word gets out the professor uses standard questions for his 50 question test, what would you expect?  Seems to me the professor was taking shortcuts which is where things went wrong.  Note: over 200 students admitted “cheating” after the lecture.  Were the students “cheating” or were they simply doing what the professor was doing (taking a shortcut)?  Were the students who studied standard test questions doing the right thing?  Was the professor doing the right by using a standard test?  Does anyone else have more information or want to weigh in on this?

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