My Boxee Review

I had some time over the holiday break to “geek out” and get some things done I never seem to have time to do.  One of the things I finally got around to was connect Boxee to my living room TV.  You may have heard about the Boxee Box which was recently released by D-Link and sells on for $199 at the time of writing.  I’m running the Boxee software which is based on an open source platform on my Linux box at home but it also runs on Mac and Windows computers as well.  So long story short you don’t need a Boxee Box unless you don’t want to mess with running long cables from your PC to your TV or if you don’t have a decent graphics card and processor.  The video review above takes you through the entire Boxee experience and so far I am in love with it (was up until midnight watching Revision3 shows).

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