San Francisco Pictures

Lana and I walked everywhere in San Francisco yesterday for our anniversary.

  • We tried to get iPhones at the Apple Store, but our contract isn’t up until December.  Pulled up my website from the iPhones we were playing around with in the store and watched a Tyler video I was telling Lana about on the BART ride into the city, which was fun.
  • We walked down to the Ferry Building because we hadn’t been inside it yet.  We were going to try some cheese at the Cowgirl Creamery but it was so busy because of the holiday weekend we didn’t try/buy anything.
  • By that time, we were getting hungry, so we walked down Embarcadero and found a nice restaurant on the water called One Market.  It had a patio out back, and we had a great lunch, I’d recommend it.
  • Then we walked over to Chinatown and saw the sites.  We didn’t buy anything, just walked and walked.
  • About that time, you know me, it was time for some ice cream, so we walked over to Ghirardelli Square.  It took forever to get a table and then even longer to get ice cream but in the end we prevailed.
  • By that time, it was time to start heading back to BART, so we walked over to Coit Tower and took some backstreets to see the neighborhoods.
  • Went to the store and got a bottle of Onix wine and a few groceries.  It is a peppery wine (which we like) and it definitely has some notes of cherry.  I like wines “with a kick” and I liked it.  I would give it a solid 8 out of 10.
  • Below are some pictures I took yesterday.  I didn’t break out the camera too much.

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