Concept of the Conversation Corporation e-book

Attendees included Robert Scoble, Greg Merkle, (Dow Jones) Peter Reiser (Sun), Neeraj Mathur (Sun), Daniela Barbosa (Dow Jones) , Rebecca Frisch (Dow Jones), Carolyn Flynn (Dow Jones) (photo credits)

@danielabarbosa is a superstar, she posted these “pictures from the working session when the concept of the Conversation Corporation e-book was first discussed” on her Flickr account.  “The Conversational Corporation examines the new ways your employees, the outside world and future generations will communicate and collaborate. From public conversations to social media projects started behind the firewall, social media tools are changing the way we work and altering the expectations of customers and colleagues.  This e-book will help you explore the intersection between business and social media and understand the need to transform your organization into a “conversational corporation.”  The eBook looks great, I would have been so starstruck to have been in the same room as Scoble…

One thought on “Concept of the Conversation Corporation e-book

  • Thanks Jeremy! Robert is a very cool dude and VERY approachable- i recommend following him on services like going to events and introducing yourself, that is what i did four years ago!

    And congrats- you were the first to post on the new ebook 😉

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