Temporarily Thinking Like A Savant?

On creativity (part II)

“If we are to believe the latest conclusions of Tony Wright (speaking above in a National Geographic documentary) the left brain hemisphere has not simply dominated a more passive right; rather, over time, it has changed our neurochemistry and neural structures to support its own ascent. In his new book, Left in the Dark, Wright argues that “humanity is suffering from species-wide brain damage” and this damage is the “root cause of our obvious insanity.” – Via BoingBoing.com

Times Square With Seth Godin

Times Square with Seth Godin

My notes from the video:

  • Don’t write books to make money
  • 170,000 books published every year and less than 1,000 make money
  • Books spread ideas with authority and they are souvenirs of ideas.  If you can open the door for somebody and help them think a different way, and cause a positive change in the world, that is a good day’s work.
  • Zappos.com is a service company that happens to sell shoes.
  • Zig Ziglar story – Graffiti and other problems in the school and a new principal came in and started a program where students were “caught” performing acts of kindness.  The students were sent home with letters which required a parent signature to make sure each student was recognized at school and home.  Within 3 months the culture and the majority of the problems that occurred previously went away.
  • Happiness’s best friend is kindness and passion’s best friend is generosity.  As a society if we want to be happy we are going to have to figure out how to be kind.

Jay’s Tiny House Tour

Jay's Tiny House Tour

Jay Shafer takes you inside his tiny 100 square foot tiny home.  I had a fort growing up that might have been bigger than this house!  Jay has written a book about tiny houses and you have to admit, there is something to be said about simplifying our lives and finances.  Check out his website >> http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com