Jeremy CMMA Meeting Pictures

Here are some pictures of me at the CMMA meeting in Scottsdale, AZ last month.  I was arguing (on a panel) for using YouTube in the enterprise.

New Tyler Pictures – 11/23/07

Tyler After Eating Yummy Blackberries
Tyler Wondering If He Should Eat Another Bite Of His Banana

I have been “cameraless” for a few weeks so expect to get inundated with pictures and videos for a while until I can get it out of my system again OK?  I am so thrilled with the new Canon PowerShot SD1100 8 megapixel camera.  It was only $150 on Amazon and I picked up an 8GB SD card for $17.  The old camera was a 4 Megapixel Sony and had 128MB memory sticks so watch out world I can take all kinds of pictures now without any limitation.  It also has the ability to take 640×480 video which I am going to love.

Ed “Short Fues” Herman (UFC Fighter) Trick or Treating in Portland

My friend and former co-worker emailed me this morning with some new trick or treater pictures.  Ed Herman must live in Lee’s neighborhood as he goes trick or treating every year to his home.  The picture on the left is of Lee and Ed this year and the picture on the right is of Ed and Lee’s wife Allison from I believe three years ago.  Lana went to school with Ed in Vancouver, WA.  To view Ed’s bio see his Wikipedia entry.