Lucky Number 13

Please take a hard look at this picture on the left and tell me what is missing.  Because I gave the answer away in the title of this post it shouldn’t take you long to realize there is no 13th floor at this hotel.  Well if you think about it there is a thirteen floor but they just didn’t label it as 13.  As a society are we insane for believing a number is bad luck?  Do you believe 13 is bad luck for you?  Maybe I should knock on wood for saying this but the number thirteen has never mattered much to me but found it interesting the hotel was so superstitious it skipped the number entirely.

Saota Home Architecture

Some beautiful homes designed by Saota, an architecture firm in Cape Town South Africa. Their website is also extremely well designed.  One of my favorite homes is the Sow House – Lake Geneva which was featured in a design blog.

The Roller Coaster of Life

I’ve been reading articles from one of the Focus on the Family blogs for a while.  I recently read one about marriage being a roller coaster was finally something I’ve decided to add my “two cents” on because I thought it was true and I have some experience in that area.  What I neglected to mention is roller coasters are meant to be fun so don’t forget to have fun and take time to enjoy life and one another.  Below are my comments (awaiting moderation):

“Great post and I agree marriage and relationships can be like a rollar coaster.  I would say before you even get on a rollar coaster make sure the person you are in a relationship with is compatible with the types of roller coasters you enjoy going on.  Whether they be actual roller coasters or the emotional highs and lows of a relationship, couples all experience them whether they like it or not.  Some people love roller coasters and in “real life” some enjoy frequent emotional highs and lows.  Some have hectic lives filled with caos and drama (whether it is self induced or not).  Some avoid drama like the plauge so taking someone on an intense emotional roller coaster all of the time may become too much for them if they prefer kiddie coasters or keeping their feet on solid ground all together.

Everyone is going to have to endure “monster” coasters in their lives together so make sure the person you are strapped in with understands that and will stick through the good times and the bad.  Marilyn Monroe may not be much of a role model to some but I can appreciate her famous quote which is “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I’m out of control and at times hard to handle, but if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as heck (we’ll change that word) don’t deserve me at my best.”

Communication isn’t everything but it will solve so many problems in marriage and relationships.  Don’t assume anything.  It is a common stereotype that men don’t communicate but women should know they often assume things and don’t communicate their thoughts, feelings, expectations, and emotions as well.  Know that you are not responsible for your spouse’s happiness but you can at times certainly help contribute (or hinder) it.  Be open, honest, giving, truthful, respectful, loving, and remember to keep God, family, and the church community in your relationship for support.”

They Come, They Eat, & They Leave

I post a lot of information to this site and wanted to take a moment to say I really appreciate those who take a moment out of their busy day to give back by leaving a comment on any of my posts.  I get a fair amount of traffic, nothing like an “A-List” blogger, but decent.  That isn’t to say I’m satisfied with what has been done to date.  I’ll admit it, I can get frustrated when I put time and energy into something and get criticized for it, and almost as frustrated when those who come to consume the content don’t give back.

I was recently involved in a social media discussion with a handful of individuals and I’m writing this in an attempt to change the perception of the world that bloggers are egocentric, among a few other stereotypes. The person I was discussing social media with informed me they don’t blog and I was also informed the person didn’t have a Facebook account. I told the person they should because “sharing is caring” to which I was told “blogging is egocentric” and people who have blogs “think their thoughts and ideas are the best”.  Finally I was told those who blog “only care about themselves”. I told the person blogging is about sharing and was told “no it is telling”. In the following paragraphs it is my intention to “share” my thoughts on the conversation and as always I want to open this topic up to you to so the conversation can be continued.

Let’s first discuss the idea that “blogging is egocentric”. In my opinion people who have the time and expertise to communicate their thoughts and ideas on a social platform (including blogs) should absolutely do so which allows the entire world to potentially benefit.  I’ve been thinking about it and at first I thought people who do not share their thoughts and ideas for all to benefit are egocentric but after thinking about it further I believe it is their right to withhold information. People who have blogs do want attention, but don’t we all? We want to be heard and we want to share what we think.  We want to share what we find interesting and that is what I have tried to do with my blog.

I next want to discuss the portion of the discussion where I was told “blogging is telling” rather than sharing which is what I believe. I’ve written several thousand posts on this blog and have unfortunately only received a few hundred comments. It is my full intention that whatever is posted is in many instances an opinion and although I’d like to think my opinion is always correct, I understand it may not always be the opinion shared with others reading the post. However, that is what makes a blog a fantastic communication platform. Blogs give communicators the ability to put a thought, idea, video, article, communication etc out for the world to comment on and my posts are no exception. I share my thoughts, ideas, and content I find compelling in the hopes that others will benefit from them and if they have time (which for some reason few do), provide their own thoughts and ideas.

When I get a new comment on one of my posts, I literally feel like Kip Drordy from the now infamous South Park episode.  I normally don’t watch South Park but I heard it was going to be about Facebook and I have to tell you it was hilarious (in a Junior High sort of way I remind you).  For those who didn’t watch it the episode, it was about a kid named Kip who had no friends on Facebook.  Stan decided to become friends with Kip who freaked out upon learning Stan cared enough to friend Stan up.  Kip took his laptop to the movies, he told Stan (via Facebook) what he ate for dinner, and much more only for Stan to later unfriend Kip at the end of the episode. The next time you think about not commenting on one of my posts, just think back to that South Park episode and remember how happy I will be after receiving your comment.

Blogging sometimes reminds me of being an ant in the movie A Bug’s Life.  The ants slave away by harvesting their crops only to have the grasshoppers come in and take their food.  Take all you want from my blog but as they say in buffet lines, eat all you take.  Every once in a while if you want to leave a tip just know it is appreciated.  OK enough said on that.

Finally, if you don’t have a blog or Facebook account just know for whatever it is worth that I completely respect that. It won’t however stop me from trying to compel you to share your thoughts and ideas with the world however that may be…just share!  Of course doing so opens you up to scrutiny but we only have a very brief time on this planet for us to learn from one another. Social media and blogging tools have empowered a new generation to share expertise like no other time in the history of the planet. Tell the world your ideas and let everyone benefit from what you have to offer.  Just whatever you do, don’t criticize those who are giving.  It is always better to give than receive but every once in a while give back!

Celebrity Apprentice Wall Color & Rambo

So here is a completely random and odd blog post for you.  I was watching Celebrity Apprentice tonight and I liked the wall color of the apartment in the picture above.  Yes, I’m actually blogging about this, I was watching TV, paused it, took a picture of the TV, and am now blogging about it…yes I’m strange.  I have traditionally gravitated toward earth tones for my wall colors and most recently had an entire house in wise owl which I thought was actually quite nice and somewhat manly.  I also like the color tones of what Starbucks uses in its stores, I’m just saying.

However, if done right the orange and yellow in the picture above is very nice for smaller spaces to help brighten it up.  In my old age of 32 I’m tired of boring colors, I deal with conservative colors all day and when I come home I don’t want my house to be conservative.  OK true, if it was actually on my walls I may feel completely different and men of the world I know you won’t touch this post with a ten foot pole but does anyone agree or disagree? I keep writing stuff like this and you keep coming back so who’s more crazy me…or you?

OK now its time for some football, some boxing, go shoot some guns, climb over some rusty barbed wire, go build a house…or fix a toilet…clean some fish (I did work in a seafood market for 2 years)…kill a deadly spider…pick a scab…watch Rambo or Terminator…grunt for no reason…you know the stereotypical manly stuff…haha I’m crazy!

PS – I thought I’d leave you with 25 stereotypical skills every man should know courtesy of Popular Mechanics:

1. Patch a radiator hose (um no)
2. Protect your computer (of course)
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized (I swim like a fish)
4. Frame a wall (I think so)
5. Retouch digital photos (oh yeah)
6. Back up a trailer (yeah)
7. Build a campfire (oh yeah)
8. Fix a dead outlet (if I had to…sure)
9. Navigate with a map and compass (why not GPS?)
10. Use a torque wrench (sure)
11. Sharpen a knife (I just buy new ones)
12. Perform CPR (I did take a class in middle school)
13. Fillet a fish (2 years experience thank you)
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid (yes…I mean no mom and dad…no)
15. Get a car unstuck (yes…I mean no mom and dad…no)
16. Back up data (of course)
17. Paint a room (of course)
18. Mix concrete (yes)
19. Clean a bolt-action rifle (huh)
20. Change oil and filter (nope)
21. Hook up an HDTV (definitely)
22. Bleed brakes (I don’t like blood)
23. Paddle a canoe (yes)
24. Fix a bike flat (yes)
25. Extend your wireless network (oh yeah)

And did I mention…RAMBO??????  OK I think we are now balanced out…wall color and RAMBO!!!